First Botany Cosmeceuticals INTENSIVE WRINKLE FREE ANTI AGING EYE CREAM with Argireline®


Intensive Wrinkle-Free Anti-aging Eye cream is a novel eye cream that is extremely effective at firming and plumping the skin, quickly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and addressing the issues of puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes treatment.

  • COLLAGEN LOSS, MOISTURIZATION AND FIRMING: Intensive Wrinkle Free Anti aging Eye cream is a power house light cream packed with botanicals and anti-wrinkle ingredients that have multiple preventative functions which includes firming, building essential collagen and increasing moisture nourishment.
  • POWERFUL FORMULA: The formula for this eye cream exemplifies, ‘luxury’, and therefore it is formulated with the ingredients we would want to see in a luxurious product, including the successful pairing of 5% Argireline® (the most well-known peptide) along with 5% Leuphasyl®.
  • FIFLOW®, ARGIRELINE ® (known as the natural BOTOX), LEUPHAYSL ®: Fi-Flow makes the product feel like a soft mousse that is transformed into a light serum like a feather once applied to skin. Fiflow® has long-