Organic Facial Moisturizer – All Natural Non-GMO Face Cream- NOW 4 Oz! – Light & Naturally Unscented – ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Anti-Aging – For Women


Enjoy applying this deliciously sweet organic Non-GMO facial moisturizer to your beautiful face. Our NATURALLY UNSCENTED MOISTURIZER is gentle and mild and not over-powering. Our moisturizers will not leave a long lasting oily residue, or clog your pores or cause skin irritation. The natural coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil & grape seed oil nourishes your skin giving it the much needed vitamins to stay healthy and pure. As with all products that are organic, a little bit goes a long way! You only need a small amount of this luscious silky cream for your beautiful face.

  • The average person who uses conventional products can potentially apply up to 282 DIFFERENT CHEMICALS from just 2 different beauty products. The 1st one is Facial Creams and the 2nd one is perfume.
  • Conventional Facial Moisturizer contains up to 32 different chemicals, and perfume has up to a whopping 250 different chemicals. Now combine that with; 15 chemicals from Shampoo, 26 from eye shadow, 33 from lipstick, 31 from nail polish, 11 from hairspray, 16 from blush, 24 from foundation, and 15 from deodorant. Add them all up and you get 453 different chemicals that you just applied to your skin.
  • These products are considered minimal by many, meaning that they use more products than I have listed here and potentially apply a lot more than just 453 chemicals daily. Is it any wonder why our skin is aging so fast? Enjoy an effective Organic Non-GMO Facial Moisturizer without the “Organic Price”
  • All our products at Organic Fields of Heather contain only the purest quality of Organic Non-GMO ingredients. We directly import our butters from Africa while they are still in the gourde. We wild craft all our own Organic Herbal distillates using the freshest organic flowers and herbs available. Our products have a clean light scent that leaves no trace behind once applied to the skin. Our products do not clog pores or cause skin irritation.